BK Law Group is Offering a Monthly General Counsel Program

Legal issues can be costly, but we've leveled the playing field. Whether you are managing the affairs of yourself, your family, or a business, having an attorney who you can turn to with questions and concerns at the moment they arise - and before they turn into much more significant problems and threats - can be invaluable to building your future and achieving your goals. But that kind of consistent legal counsel is only for the very wealthy, right? Wrong.

BK Law Group invented subscriptionLaw, so you and/or your business will have our highly qualified attorneys at your side, committed to providing legal counsel to help you prosper, understand the legal issues you face, assess and mitigate legal risks before they threaten your future, and act on your behalf to get the results you deserve. And, best of all, you can obtain the benefits of subscriptionLaw at one low monthly price.

predictable monthly pricing

No More Billable Hours

Most law firms work on the outdated and cost-prohibitive model of treating every legal matter - no matter how small or easily solvable - as one requiring the client to pay thousands of dollars upfront for a retainer fee and hundreds of dollars per billable hour. With subscriptionLaw, your attorneys are at your side with just one low monthly rate.

Unlimited Contact

With your monthly subscriptionLaw plan, you will have access to an unlimited number of consultations on legal matters with your attorneys at BK Law Group by phone or email. This means you can speak to your attorneys about a personal or business legal question or concern as soon as it arises without incurring additional expense.



Contracts, Letters, and More

In addition to unlimited consultations, your plan also includes unlimited document review by your BK Law Group attorneys of all standalone documents up to 10 pages. Your attorneys can also act - where necessary - to correspond on your behalf with third parties to address legal matters and issues.

subscriptionLaw Benefits

A local attorney who is specifically assigned to you
Unlimited phone calls and emails with your attorney
Exclusive discounts on our legal service offerings

Choose a Plan To Get Started Today

Personal Plan

Legal Counsel For Your Personal Affairs

With our Personal Plan, you and your spouse will have unlimited access to legal counsel on all your matters, and a 20% discount on additional legal services.

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Business Plan

Helping to Build and Protect Your Business

Our Business Plan provides constant counsel to help your business prosper while avoiding legal pitfalls, all with an eye towards your long-term success.

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