How It Works

Think it's too good to be true? Don’t worry we get that question all the time. Our answer is simple: this program by BK Law Group was created with the mindset to always put the clients needs and wants first…always. Our founders were repeatedly told in law school to put the client first, to be a zealous advocate, and to be as transparent as possible. But, how is that possible with high hourly rates and outrageous “project pricing”?

We’ll answer that for you - it’s not. We decided to no longer stand for the "old way" and are disrupting the legal industry by creating a new way of legal. Enroll in subscriptionLaw by BK Law Group and become part of team that cares about you first and foremost.

Once you sign up, you'll have an entire law firm on your side.

Step One

Become a Member

Select a plan for your family or your business. You'll instantly be in direct contact with your team of attorneys to address any immediate issues, develop a strategy, and to get better acquainted. Because you are a member of subscriptionLaw, you can rest easy knowing BK Law Group will have your back in every matter that comes your way.

Go About Your Life

Now that you are a member of subscriptionLaw, life just got a whole lot easier! No issue is too big or too small. Whenever you want to discuss anything law or business related, or heck if you just want to talk weather or sports, feel free to give your team a call or email anytime (at no additional charge), day or night!

Step Two

Step Three

Meet With Your Legal Team

Now it’s time to strategize. BK Law Group will review your issue and discuss your options with you. It could be as simple as reviewing a document, writing a demand letter, or making a phone call on your behalf. Should the issue lead to contact with a third-party or lead to some time in court—whether as a defendant or a plaintiff—you get at least 20% off BK Law Group’s hourly rates, even if the issue started before you were a member. At the end of it all, you can continue to live stress-free. The biggest benefit of subscriptionLaw is knowing you have a legal team on your side.

subscriptionLaw Benefits

A local attorney who is specifically assigned to you
Unlimited phone calls and emails with your attorney
Exclusive discounts on our legal service offerings

Choose a Plan To Get Started Today

Personal Plan

Legal Counsel For Your Personal Affairs

With our Personal Plan, you and your spouse will have unlimited access to legal counsel on all your matters, and a 20% discount on additional legal services.

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Business Plan

Helping to Build and Protect Your Business

Our Business Plan provides constant counsel to help your business prosper while avoiding legal pitfalls, all with an eye towards your long-term success.

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