Business | August 2, 2018
How to Form a Partnership

There are two types of partnerships: general partnerships and limited partnerships. Both general and limited partnerships can elect certain legal rules that give partners in these partnerships greater protection against personal liability. A general partnership…

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Business | August 1, 2018
Steps For Naming Your Business

Statutory Requirements Name requirements for corporations, limited liability partnerships and limited liability companies are established by statute. The name of a corporation must: -Be in the English language or any other language expressed in English…

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Business | July 31, 2018
An Overview of Using an Assumed Name for a Business

When Filing is Required An individual or partnership that conducts or transacts business in Minnesota under a name that is different from the full, true name of each business owner must register the name of…

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Business | July 28, 2018
An Overview of Capital Gains and Losses

A business that sells or otherwise disposes of capital assets will have a capital gain or capital loss from the transaction. Capital assets are defined by Internal Revenue Service regulations and generally include everything a…

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