Business | July 22, 2018
What Are Fringe Benefits?

Fringe benefits include items such as accident and health insurance, medical savings accounts, group term life insurance, salary continuation plans, reimbursements for educational expenses, dental insurance, death benefits, day care programs, supplemental unemployment benefits, "cafeteria…

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Business | July 15, 2018
Retirement Benefit Plans for Your Business

  Retirement benefit plans include qualified employee benefit plans, nonexempt trusts and annuity plans, self-employed retirement plans, individual retirement arrangements, and simplified employee pension plans. The tax treatment of contributions to these plans is highly…

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Business | July 10, 2018
An Overview of Employment Taxes and Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Employment taxes include income tax withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes and federal and state unemployment insurance taxes. Although workers' compensation insurance technically is not a tax, coverage is required for most employees. Employment taxes…

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Business | July 9, 2018
Selection of the Tax Year For Your Business

The business figures its taxable income and files a tax return on the basis of an accounting period called a tax year. A tax year usually is 12 consecutive months, although in some cases a…

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