Business | July 7, 2018
Tax Impacts to Know For Each Entity Type

Many factors determine the full tax burden on a business. Some of these factors - such as treatment of capital gains, deductibility of certain items, and the availability of certain credits -will vary depending on…

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Business | July 4, 2018
Tax Rates to Know For Each Entity Type

The rate of tax paid on income from the business activity depends on whether the business is organized as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an S corporation, a C corporation, or a limited liability company.…

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Business | July 2, 2018
Tax Factors to Consider Before Forming Your Company

This section discusses the major tax considerations for the sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. For limited liability companies, the Internal Revenue Service has adopted rules (which appear in 26 C.F.R. 301. 7701-1 et. seq.) that…

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Business | June 30, 2018
What Government Regulations Apply to Your Business?

Certain types of government regulation will apply to the business regardless of the form of organization. Licenses or permits will be required of all business entities conducting the regulated activity. Note that businesses operating in…

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