Finally, you can live life knowing you have an attorney in your back pocket who, at the same time, isn't emptying it.

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Receive the peace of mind knowing that a team of attorneys are dedicated to your well-being and always available to provide counsel, at one low price.

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Business Plan


Obtain legal counsel on every issue facing your business - as well as your family - from an experienced team of attorneys dedicated to your long-term prosperity.

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subscriptionLaw Benefits

A team of attorneys ready when you need them
Unlimited phone calls and emails with your attorneys
Exclusive discounts on our legal service offerings

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my attorney once I sign up?
From the moment you sign up, BK Law Group's attorneys will be on your side. You will have a main attorney, either Kristian or Omeed, as your point of contact. However, we work as a team and all of our attorneys will know you and/or your business and will be able to assist you on a moments notice.
What types of businesses can sign up for the Business Plan?
Our members are businesses from all sizes and industries. We represent creatives and barbershops to medical clinics and software development companies. BK Law Group's attorneys love getting hands-on with startups, and also have experience to act as general counsel with large businesses. Whether you are thinking about starting a business, considering hiring employees, or looking to save money on your legal costs, the Business Plan will fit your unique story and needs.
What’s included in my plan?
The biggest benefits of the plan are unlimited calls/emails and document review. Some common examples that are covered under your plan include: consultation on liability or potential lawsuits, employment law issues, purchase or sale of real estate; review of contracts with your customers or business partners; advice on corporate governance matters for your company, etc. In addition, you will receive an exclusive 25% discount on all other services provided by BK Law Group.
Will I always be working with an attorney?
Yes, subscriptionLaw is a program offered by BK Law Group. This program is not a call center or legal referral service. From the moment you sign up, you will be represented throughout by BK Law Group and its attorneys.
Can I use this service if I already have another lawyer I go to?
Absolutely. Because the vast majority of attorneys and law firms exclusively use a billable-hours model for dealing with legal questions, clients find that our service provides a cost-effective supplement for dealing with personal and small business issues.
Can I have one of the attorneys write a letter or make a call for me?
If one of our attorneys assessing a client issue determines that it makes sense to write a letter or make a phone call on that client’s behalf, we will do at the Member's request.
What if I need to have a new document/contract created?
subscriptionLaw members have access to our complete legal document library - including NDAs, Employment Agreements, Employment Offer Letters, Independent Contractor Agreements, Scope of Work Agreements, and more.
What kind of documents can I have reviewed as part of the plan?
Our attorneys will review any standalone documents up to ten pages in length. This includes potential contracts, leases, letters, notices, wills. etc. We will also review one mortgage document per property.

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